"This Charming Man"

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21. UCSB Senior. 40oz Enthusiast

like, I need someone who loves Amy Winehouse and Selena just as much as they love The Smiths and Gang Starr. who’ll sing along to Queen and rap Lil Kim verses with me. or who likes booty popping and grinding just as much as they like standing around at shows. or likes getting stupid drunk and going out to parties just as much as staying home and having deep intellectual conversations about the meaning of life. someone who will sing with me in the car and not be annoyed when I sing louder than the music, but be just as comfortable with me when I don’t want to talk. who’ll be down to order pizza at 2am, but willing to wake up at 6am and go on a run to work it off. like, I am entirely way too many people and have entirely way too many varied interests to be in a relationship. who I am, what I want, and where I wanna be in life changes so frequently I can’t offer anyone stability, but at least I’m okay with that.


The anniversary of Amy Winehouse’s death is in like a day, and it’s been three years and I’m still upset about it. That voice.

I’m probably gonna get a couple bottles of wine on Wednesday and spend all night drunkenly singing the entire Back to Black album

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Someone once told me the grass is much greener on the other side.
Macy Gray - I’m In Between

Seriously. This song was my sister and I’s favorite theme song to one of our favorite TV shows growing up. Still know all the words by heart. :)

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